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20 Eur/mo.

Norwegian pronunciation course

Improve your Norwegian pronunciation – sound by sound and word by word!

Latgalian for beginners (in English)

Audio materials and texts in English for learning Latgalian.

In development

Business Norwegian course

Learn business Norwegian with NorBiz! Made for those who work in an office, a public institution or a business. 

Resources for learners

Explore Norwegian Grammar through noun forms, verb expressions, tenses, and more!

Expand your knowledge of languages with these 10 language learning tips. Read also in:

Resources for teachers

Metode for multisensorisk uttaleundervisning for norsk.

Metode for multisensorisk undervisning for norsk grammatikk.

Foredrag og seminarer som vi tilbyr lærere i norsk som fremmed- og andrespråk.

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