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Norwegian pronunciation course

About NorFon


This course helps you improve your Norwegian pronunciation – the more time you will spend learning this course, the more perfect your pronunciation will be!

It has been created for beginners (A1, A2 levels) and intermediate users (B1, B2).

What will you learn in this course?

Most foreign people learn to read, listen and speak in Norwegian fairly quickly.

But at some moment each of the language learners reaches a kind of “glass ceiling”. Every Norwegian immediately recognizes: this person is not a native speaker due to “foreign” pronunciation.

Is it a problem? In many cases – not… but often: yes. Living in a foreign country and gradually turning into a local person is not easy. Due to conscious and unconscious prejudices, foreign accent here definitely does not help, particularly in a job context.

Learning a proper pronunciation takes patience and time… and a native speaker nearby who also has the time and patience. Most of language learners do not have such a luxury.

To help you we created this very special Norwegian pronunciation course in Oratastic. This is the right tool that lets you learn to speak in a clear, understandable Norwegian!

Some samples of our material

How to use this course?

You can start and end using Oratastic anywhere – your pronounciation will improve by going through any of the 240 themes. You may start with any chapter and any theme.

You can return again and again to the same materials until you are confident about the sound of your Norwegian.

In order to orientate easier in the extensive material we have divided it into:

  1. Chapters
  2. Themes
  3. Tasks

Whole material is divided into 15 chapters. We see a chapter as something similar to a lesson: e.g. you can go through one chapter in one day. But this is just a recommendation, because it is you who decides about the speed of your learning. Also: it is not important where you start. If you like, you may start from the last chapter and end with the first – however you like.


Each of the chapters may have 16 themes, numbered A, B, C, D and so on.

Each of the themes covers one aspect of the pronunciation:

ASounds – vowels and diphtongs
BSounds – consonants
CSounds – long and short sounds
DConsonant combinations
EOrtography and pronunciation
FSentence intonation, feelings, attitude and pragmatics in intonation
GWord stress and pitch accent
HMinimal pairs of pitch acccent
IPronunciation in group of words
KFocus stress
LStress pyramide
MStress trio
NTongue twister
PRepetition and self test

Each of the themes contains one or several tasks.

Majority of the tasks are sound files with illustration – mostly text.

You need to listen carefully each of them and then – repeat the task in a loud voice. Divide the task in smaller parts – stop the sound file and repeat the sounds until you manage to copy the pronounciation.

Learning a proper pronounciation takes time. Return to each of the tasks and do it again and again.


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